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_Firewall & Networking

Network Security is of the utmost importance for any business , your network is constantly under attack from hackers , viruses, and the employees that you’ve hired and trust within your organization. With important and private company data residing amidst the computers and servers of your network maintaining the security of your network is crucial to daily production along with company and client protection. With the appropriate balance of networking and security, you can minimize these risks to your business.

The overwhelming fear of such a network compromise can be virtually eliminated when the appropriate networking equipment used and configured in coordination with restrictive server policies, resulting in greater productivity amongst staff members and far less risk for would be intruders to penetrate your security boundaries.

_Remote Support

Convenience is a necessity in today’s fast paced IT industry and with increasing fuel costs we help reduce the charges accrued by our customers by minimizing onsite visits with the remote support feature. With remote support capability our experienced technicians and engineers have the ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and effectively resolve any issue you may encounter. This allows us to offer enterprise class support to any size business, whether it be simple repairs, regular maintenance, to software installations or VPN configurations all of these items can be cost effectively deployed over a secure and encrypted connection to maintain the privacy and integrity of the information transmitted over the internet.

This service extends our reach to your employees from the local level to remote locations that cannot be accessed easily without costly travel expenses. The investment we have made in this capability sets us apart from many service


Todays businesses often operate around a common business necessity the “Server”. Your businesses server is the “filing cabinet” that permits or denies employees access to important and sensitive company information. Often times business owners would like to know how they can setup user restrictions as they pertain to sensitive company information. Group policies properly defined and administered through the server give limited permissions to employees inside their organization. Through these policies a business owner can restrict employee access to areas of the network that may contain sensitive information not needed by all users within the business. Enforcing these security policies also keeps structure in the organization which prevents users from creating duplicate file shares that can cause confusion for users on the network.


Security often starts at the physical layer for most businesses large and small. Banking institutions, government buildings, prisons, medical facilities, school districts, retail stores, and industrial are a few. These systems allow companies to monitor people, objects, processes, and property to make sure they are conforming to policies and procedures. Often referred to as the “eye in the sky” these systems for years have used CCTV closed circuit cameras to monitor record and protect valuable company assets which include personnel, and equipment.

The advancements in technology have moved us forward from these analog systems to new digital network based surveillance systems. Both types of surveillance allow companies to monitor branch offices or facilities in remote locations.

Axxis Group has formed partnerships with the most reputable surveillance companies in today’s marketplace. This allows Axxis Group to install professional grade equipment to many different forms of business whether it is a new installation or to supplement an existing surveillance system.

_Phone Systems

The most important technology to any business is their phone system. If the phones don’t ring you do less business. Telephone communication was one of the first efficient forms of communication credited to developer Alexander Graham Bell in 1847. Since then the advancement to improve telecommunications brought us to the analog world and now the digital era.

The newest technology available for telephone communications is VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) this advancement in technology allows companies to decrease there overhead by lowering monthly bills. Our deployments with this technology not only achieve the feature rich capabilities of Cisco equipment but also improve the quality of your networks infrastructure by utilizing world class equipment. Features like auto attendant, voicemail, cell connect, call groups, call forwarding, email integration, remote access, and unified communications. These advanced telephony solutions allow local and remote workers the ability to access their companies voice communications system from nearly anywhere at any time. By extending the capabilities of your phone system you provide your employees an easier approach to servicing your clients, if your employees are not provided the ability to communicate while in the office or on the road they simply will not. On the other hand if they have the ability to answers messages and communicate with clients and co-workers effectively while out of the office, on vacation, or at a remote location it will certainly boost employee productivity.

Our engineers and consultants work hard to design scalable solutions that accommodate your current business needs as they pertain to daily operations and give you the ability to expand as your business grows.